How It Works

The source of data for Our Green Home is an energy monitoring device, which continually monitors the energy usage inside your home, apartment or other building. The device is supplied by one of our Device Partners, and installed into your fuse box by one of our Installation Partners.

The energy monitoring device uses your home Wi-Fi or broadband Internet connection to send energy usage data to the Our Green Home cloud storage engine. We provide you with various tools to access and analyse this data including an interactive web site and mobile applications for iPhone and iPad devices (Android devices coming soon!). Data is updated continuously so you can use the web site or mobile app to view your current usage in real time, as appliances are turned on and off.


Every partner device includes a 2 year subscription to Our Green Home for all people at your premises. Once you sign up to Our Green Home and activate your subscription, you may add any number of other users to your account.

All users at your premises are able to access the energy data for your house, but each has their own unique Our Green Home profile and may choose their own personal friends, action plans, and action groups.

You may choose to share your energy consumption data with specific friends in the Our Green Home community, but for privacy reasons nobody can access your premises data unless you explicitly permit them.

Getting Started

Subscriptions are bundled with energy monitoring devices certified for Our Green Home. Activate your subscription if you already have one of these devices.

If you do not yet have an Our Green Home certified energy monitoring device, leave your details to find out more.

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